Sweeter than chocolate

TDS TCR 7-21-14

SAS commercial

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert battle for title of World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan!

What even is this, OMG.

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TCR 715

TDS 715 Hillary Clinton 

Morning After

Campaign to reboot this show as a family sitcom? 

Two teenage boys, coming of age, united by an infant left on the doorstep, forced to be fathers, and friends! Oh I’m sorry, “friends”.  

Come on, Netflix, sitcoms are cheaper to make, although, by the look of it, I’m not sure how much cheaper you can go with this show. 

Hemlock Grove 207

Why do I watch this show again?

Oh.. right.

Even with enlarged preview you still can’t see the tear..Tsk. 

Not sure how to arrange the first two. I like them large, but they will dwarf the third one.. Hmmm..