DoFP blooper reel

Renaming Maroon 5 songs

Payphone (Still Exists? )

Moves Like Jagger (Then Goes Hilariously Out of Breath)

She Will Be Loved (Just Not By Me)

(Apple) Maps (Can’t Lead Me Back To You)

Animals (Like, Kittens & Puppies & Stuff)

Lucky Strike  (Didn’t Sponsor This But They Should)

One More Night (and a Wake Up Call and it’s Sunday Morning)

Just A Feeling (2010) → Feelings (2014)  (Because Marriage)

Throw Back Friday? ‘cos it was Season five? No, Season V.

Michael Che farewell

09 18 14 Bill Clinton

TDS 917 

When he listens to you..

(Source: youtube.com)

Look at him looking at him lovingly. 

Final Season is ugggh. And 6 episodes? It’s a crime.

I see what you did there, White Collar. Kudos.