Good line, TSwift!

Funny thing about this movie: Jodie Foster’s character is like Rust,

she even had Rust’s “a spirital experience”  ,

but Rust would slap MM’s character silly. 

Contact (1997)

Sci-Fi, except when MM comes on screen, instant Rom Com. 

'cos I'm procrastinating like a boss..

Testing a shortcut, does the first one work?

Okay, the second one is half-assed, I know, but I know how now.

Thx to 90-09-01

Although… I was really trying to avoid editing frame by frame.

TDS 04 03 14


Two and a Half Men: How I Met Your Mother (the Wicked Witch of the West) on That ’70s Show

Congratulations to Stephen, wish him all the best. 

But sad to see this. 

 Les Jeunes de Paris

Anna Kendrick, SNL